Re: Joining 802.1X network with PEAP

Dan Williams wrote:
> On Wed, 2008-07-02 at 11:41 +0200, Giovanni Lovato wrote:
>> Dan Williams wrote:
>>> On Tue, 2008-07-01 at 18:35 +0200, Giovanni Lovato wrote:
>>>> At my University we have a wireless network with 802.1X + PEAP
>>>> authentication. Configuration for wpa_supplicant follows:
>>>> network={
>>>>    ssid="Stud"
>>>>    scan_ssid=1
>>>>    key_mgmt=IEEE8021X
>>>>    identity="username"
>>>>    password="password"
>>>>    ca_cert="/home/giovanni/ssl/certs/UnivAIR.crt"
>>>>    phase1="peaplabel=0"
>>>>    phase2="auth=MSCHAPV2"
>>>> }
>>>> I have NM 0.7 and wpa_supplicant 0.6.3. When I try to connect with NM,
>>>> log says <> and connection fails.
>>>>  The only difference from wpa_supplicant configuration seems to be the
>>>> `peapver=0' instead of `peaplabel=0', but maybe it's the same thing and
>>>> I'm wrong.
>>>>  What can I try to connect successfully?
>>> Can you try adding 'phase1-peaplabel' as string with a value of "0" in
>>> GConf for your connection?  Either gconf-editor or gconftool-2 will do
>>> the trick; drill down to /system/networking/connections and find the
>>> PEAP connection.  After you've done this, try connecting again and
>>> verify from the logs that NM sends peaplabel=0 to the supplicant.
>> No, if I add 'phase1-peaplabel' as string in gconf, then in nm-applet 
>> the connection disappears and it says:
>> WARNING **: Invalid connection: 'NMSetting8021x' / 'phase1-peaplabel' 
>> invalid: 1
> I guess I had assumed that the supplicant was setting the peaplabel to 0
> by default.  Apparently that's not the case.  I'll modify the check in
> NetworkManager to allow 0 as well.
> svn r3800

Thank you, I'll try that revision as soon as packages in Alexander
Sack's PPA will be updated.

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