Re: Connecting to a hidden ESSID via LEAP now works.

On Mon, 2008-01-14 at 14:12 -0500, Andrew Duggan wrote:
> Dan etal, Thanks, as of NetworkManager-0.7.0-0.6.8.svn3235.fc8 I can now 
> connect to a hidden ESSID network via LEAP that previously just would 
> not connect.  Using a bcm4311 v1 b43 from kernel-  
> Thanks again -- great job.

Yep; thanks to Linville's quick backport and update of the scan
capability patch to Fedora kernels, this should now work better.
There's one case where NM forgets to merge the before and after networks
when you're connecting, which is fixed in SVN and coming to F8/rawhide
in the next update.  There have been a few other hidden SSID problems
reported (not finding the hidden AP automatically for example) that I'm
tracking down, but the situation should be much improved for those
people who are running scan-capability-patched kernels.


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