Release: (0.6.6 rc2)

Hi, (0.6.6 rc2) has been tagged in SVN and tarballs have been
960a89156faf68e0a20a8e0c3b399dc1  NetworkManager-
db2ae087b4e6c36cc7c8824f333f75cc052ff49b  NetworkManager-
57409c9f49f3231c80fa005b55262756  nm-applet-
bda4cf11e1bb6698b77741296d76d5309409f65e  nm-applet-

Please test and report major issues (crashers, build system issues, etc)
but _not_ feature requests.  Barring major bugs, the next release will
be the final 0.6.6 release, which I hope to release next week.

Changes since
- Use po/LINGUAS (Michael Biebl)
- Fix editor desktop file category (Michael Biebl)
- Add LEAP and WPA-EAP Phase2 support to the editor (Tambet Ingo)
- Prepopulate the applet's secrets dialog (Tambet Ingo)
- Fix editor Show Password and secrets saving (Dan Williams)
- Updated translations


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