Re: feature suggestion/request- allow for script execution and more options for static information

Yeah, It would be nice if I could find information about this sort of thing. The website for that type of thing. It's hard to lookup things without some sort of keywords/names to use.

I should clarify. I found the man file for NetworkManagerDispatcher, and now I think I can handle it most likely.., but I had no idea about it before now.

On 2/25/08, Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com> wrote:
On Mon, 2008-02-25 at 14:58 -0500, Darren Albers wrote:
> This is already in place, check out NetworkManagerDispatcher.

That said, NMD could export more info to scripts or set environment
variables to help scripts out.  Stuff like connection path, etc.


> Thanks!
> On Mon, Feb 25, 2008 at 2:50 PM, nullstring
> <networkmanager terra chuui jp> wrote:
> > I think it would be very useful if I could get networkmanager to
> > automatically execute a script on connection of a certain wireless
> > connection.
> >
> > Also, it would be very nice to have static options for certain connections.
> >
> > this would require some sort of 'profile' which you guys are trying to
> > avoid, but it would be very nice if we could have something to remember
> > static settings, so I can connect to wireless networks without DHCP.
> >
> > also, allowing executing of a script would allow you to customize pretty
> > much to your liking. The reason I want it is so I can auto log into my
> > universities wireless which requires login via http before use
> >
> >
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