Finally, NetworkManager CLI


For the Novell Hackweek project I wrote a command line interface for
NetworkManager 0.7. It's complimentary to the applet and system
settings daemon - what this means is that if there's some missing
secrets, the applet would ask for them, not nmcli. The reason for that
is the way NetworkManager works, to provide new settings and secrets,
you need to register a dbus service and implement an interface. To do
that for nmcli means pushing the applet (or system settings daemon)
from the bus and that's something that shouldn't happen. It also makes
sense, if you're with a headless machine (no X session with
nm-applet), the system settings daemon provides the settings and
there's no reason nmcli should duplicate it. With a regular desktop,
nm-applet would already be running and provide connections and
secrets. So what this all means is that nmcli can be used to query the
state of NetworkManager (like devices, APs, connections, etc) and to
activate/deactivate existing connections, including VPN connections.

Building nmcli is the regular './configure ; make ; make install'
dance. 'nmcli --help' shows the list of available commands, 'nmcli
<command> --help' shows the command syntax.


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