Re: Profiles (with gnome)

On Thu, 2008-01-31 at 10:03 +0000, Evandro Pires Alves wrote:
> Hi all
> This is the first time I'm really in a mailing list and the first time I
> speak :)
> I'm on the list since 04-Jan-2008 and because I never seen anything
> about this topic I boring you with this.
> My situation is with my laptop. I use at home, at work and some other
> places where my connections are very different. I'll show some cases:
>       * at work:
>               * eth0 (wired): static public IP
>               * eth1 (wireless): OFF
>       * at cyber-garage:
>               * eth0: static private IP
>               * eth1: OFF
>       * at home:
>               * eth0: OFF
>               * eth1: WPA-TKIP
> I'm using Ubuntu Gutsy with Gnome 2.20 and stock NetworkManager 0.6.5.
> To solve my problem/situation I have configured some profiles in Gnome
> Network Administration Tool (seen screenshot).
> What I would like a lot is to be able to choose the profile right from
> the nm-applet context menu. I think this should be more easily
> accomplish adding the profile capability in NetworkManager so it becomes
> a world available feature.
> Thanks for the excellent tool that make our World a little better!

This feature is present in NetworkManager 0.7 trunk already; you can
define a number of different "Connections".  In your case, you would



You can mark any of the connections 'autoconnect', at which point
NetworkManager will try to activate that connection if it can.  For
wired devices, that means when it sees a link.  For wireless devices,
that means when it sees and AP that matches the SSID, mode, and security
parameters (and optionally BSSID, band, etc).

Given that you would have two different wired connections defined, you
wouldn't want to mark both as "autoconnect", since there's no way
(except for using GPS :) to determine where you are when you plug the
cable in.  So you'd have to choose those manually from the menu.


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