Wired NIC bridged through WLAN AP doesn't auto-connect

Platform: Intel Celeron,
	  Ubuntu 7.10,
	  linux-image-2.6.22-14-generic  2.6.22-14.51
	  network-manager                0.6.5-0ubuntu16.7.10.0
	  network-manager-gnome          0.6.5-0ubuntu10

I have an ubuntu 7.10 machine that has a wired NIC.  This wired NIC is
connected to a WLAN that is set up for bridging with another AP
connected to my home LAN.

If I log into the Ubuntu machine, the nm-applet wired icon is displayed
with a white-x-on-red marking its disconnected state.  If I right click
the icon and select the "Wired network" (which is always initially
unchecked), the icon starts spinning, and eventually shows up as

The wired NIC is set up as "Roaming".

Does anyone have an idea why the "Wired network" isn't initially enabled
when logging in?

Does anyone have any theories?  Could it be because the connection is
through the bridged AP?  Could it be because the (presumably old) NIC on
the machine has a problem detecting a network connected state from the

Could it be because of a network manager setting?  I have googled and
read the logs, but I don't really know where the problem might be, so
I'm flailing about in the dark.

So... any hints, guesses, documentation pointers etc. are welcome!


- Steinar

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