Re: [PATCH] NM DBUS api documentation build system

On Feb 5, 2008 8:46 AM, Will Stephenson <wstephenson kde org> wrote:
> I haven't actually added any api documentation yet.  I'm working on supporting
> NM 0.7 in KDE 4 and would do so as I grok 0.7.  The patch just replicates the
> status quo with the ability to add api docs.  The system can also add a make
> check target to assure the docu generation is working but I haven't
> adapted/copied that yet.
> Another question is, are you interested in async glib binding support?  The
> system can apparently generate separate async introspection xml but I haven't
> adapted that either yet as I'm not familiar with the glib bindings.
> I've tested this locally.  Dan, Tambet: what do you think about integrating
> it?  It would make NM client developement much easier.

While I'd like to have always up to date documentation, I'm not sure I
like this. The patch you sent only removes the introspection XML we
currently have and adds some XSLT which I can't read (and thus
maintain). It'll make development easier only if someone actually
writes that documentation, just converting to more magic makes things
harder to understand. And again, I like having documentation as much
as anyone,  but since we have two developers in total (who are busy
with maintenance work for a lot of time), I personally would rather
write code. So if anyone wants to help with documentation, it could
live in a text file for now. When it has enough information, and if
Dan feels comfortable maintaining XSLT, I wouldn't have anything
against the proposed solution.


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