Re: ANNOUNCE: libmbca and mobile-broadband-provider-info

Hi Antti,

> What is libmbca
> ===============
> libmbca provides Mobile Broadband Configuration Assistant which is a
> GObject and GtkAssistant based utility that splits the configuration of
> a new mobile broadband connection into small easy steps. In the simplest
> form libmbca offers an frontend for mobile-broadband-provider-info.

for my edification could you please describe a bit more use case scenarios when this kind of configuring is precisely needed? Sorry if I sound ignorant but currently with NM things are working for me simply so easily that it's hard to imagine how to make things better (at least in this single use case of mine):

1. I'll take my mobile phone and connect it to my laptop with a serial/usb cable (I don't have any Bt devices)
2. NM shows GSM connection as one alternative that I can use with zero configuration just by clicking it

To achieve this the cable must be registered obviously in hal-info and when selecting "GSM" from NM it uses the subscription that I have in SIM attached to my phone.

For some cables that support both GSM/CDMA the detection is still being worked on hal/NM (last time I checked, but probably coming anyway) and I'm not sure how could I use any other subscription that is not hardwired into my SIM.



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