ANNOUNCE: libmbca and mobile-broadband-provider-info


I'm proud to announce the first releases of libmbca and
mobile-broadband-provider-info. Releases are available from GNOME SVN.

libmbca 0.0.1:

mobile-broadband-provider-info 20080814:

What is mobile-broadband-provider-info
The module contains mobile broadband settings for different service
providers in different countries. The package contains only
informational files so it's safe for distributions to grab updates even
during feature freeze and maintenance stages.

Service provider specific information is stored in a XML file. XML is
not the most optimized format for a database, but it's easy to read,
understand and edit.

The database is released under Creative Commons Public Domain (CC-PD).

for more info, see:

What is libmbca
libmbca provides Mobile Broadband Configuration Assistant which is a
GObject and GtkAssistant based utility that splits the configuration of
a new mobile broadband connection into small easy steps. In the simplest
form libmbca offers an frontend for mobile-broadband-provider-info.

libmbca is released under the GNU General Public License version 3.

More information
These modules are resulting from Kesäkoodi (Summercode Finland) project
Mobile Broadband Configuration Assistant for NetworkManager. For more
information, see:

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