Re: [PATH] Support resolvconf

Roy Marples wrote:
> Hi List!
> Now that NM supports the SUSE netconfig command, I've taken this a step
> futher and patched in support for resolvconf [1].
> As writing to /etc/resolv.conf and using resolvconf is pretty much the
> same in C, I've split a few things up :)
> get_resolv_conf - Generates search and nameserver entries from
> NMIP4Config [2]
> dispatch_netconfig - Try and try SUSE netconfig
> write_resolv_conf - Write out the resolv.conf file to a descriptor
> dispatch_resolvconf - Try and use resolvconf
> update_resolv_conf - Try and use /etc/resolv.conf
> In the patch, I changed the layout of resolv.conf slightly, removing
> superflous new-lines and harsh text.

I gave it a try (on Debian), but it didn't out of the box.
If I activate a normal (i.e. no vpn) connection, priv->vpn_config will
be NULL.
Thus in rewrite_resolv_conf(line 445), dispatch_resolvconf is called
with an empty config. The results is that in dispatch_resolvconf(line
377) the resolvconf entry will be *removed* and as TRUE is returned,
rewrite_resolv_conf will return at this point.

I applied the attached patch to get it working for me. I haven't tested
VPN connections.

I'm not sure if openresolv is completely compatible to (Debian)
resolvconf. In Debian, if /etc/resolv.conf is *not* a symlink to
/etc/resolvconf/run/resolv.conf, it means that resolvconf is disabled.
I guess we should add a check at nm-named-manager.c:349, to return FALSE
in that case, so NM will update /etc/resolv.conf


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diff --git a/src/named-manager/nm-named-manager.c b/src/named-manager/nm-named-manager.c
index bf36a37..20d3991 100644
--- a/src/named-manager/nm-named-manager.c
+++ b/src/named-manager/nm-named-manager.c
@@ -442,9 +442,9 @@ rewrite_resolv_conf (NMNamedManager *mgr, const char *iface, GError **error)
 	/* If resolvconf is available, use it.
 	 * resolvconf only needs what the interface has provided, so don't merge */
-	if (dispatch_resolvconf (priv->vpn_config, iface, TRUE, error))
+	if (priv->vpn_config && dispatch_resolvconf (priv->vpn_config, iface, TRUE, error))
 		return TRUE;
-	if (dispatch_resolvconf (priv->device_config, iface, FALSE, error))
+	if (priv->device_config && dispatch_resolvconf (priv->device_config, iface, FALSE, error))
 		return TRUE;
 	/* Construct the composite config from all the currently active IP4Configs */

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