Re: NM not working with zoom adsl modem/router

On Fri, 2008-08-22 at 14:28 -0400, tom Mort wrote:
> I have just acquired a new lenovo laptop with an intel wireless pro b g
> wireless card.  I am running Fedora 9 and have installed the latest
> Network Manager updates.
> I can connect to various public wifi hotspots with no problem, however,
> when I try to connect to my home network I cannot connect.  This is the
> case both with encryption turned on as well as off.  NM gets as far as
> two green lights with the trail swirling around them,  but, never
> connects.

That means it's been able to associate but isn't getting any response to
DHCP.  Can you double-check that the router is set up for DHCP and that
you've got the right key?  Be sure that if you're using WEP, that you
are using the right key type too; sometimes it's a passphrase (most
vendors allow passphrases) but there are also "hex" keys too.  Don't use
a hex key as a passphrase or it won't work.

Failing to do DHCP with WEP means that either (1) there's a kernel bug,
(2) you have the wrong WEP key, or (3) you've chosen the wrong WEP key
type when you were asked for the key.


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