Re: PPTP VPN plugin resurrected from the dead

Dan Williams skrev:
On Wed, 2008-08-20 at 16:09 +0200, Bjorge Solli wrote:
Dan Williams wrote:
And committed to SVN trunk.  Try it out, file bugs, send email to the
list whne stuff doesn't work.  I tested briefly against a Windows 2000
Server install and it seemed to go OK.
I'm interested in trying this. I'm using Fedora 8 and standard NM. Do I
need to compile a newer version to use pptp?

Test builds have been built in koji for F8 for a while, but koji is down
at the moment due to the ongoing Fedora infrastructure issues.  It'll
come out as an update to F8.  If you'd like to compile yourself, I can
send you the SRPMs that I uploaded to the Fedora buildsystem until koji
comes back online.

Please do send me the SRPMs, I'm eager to test, and the Fedora problems seems to stretch. (If you have any info on this it would also be interesting).


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