Re: Help on wireless network connectivity

Hi Larry,
      Output of lspci looks as below:
00:00.0 RAM memory [0500]: nVidia Corporation MCP67 Memory Controller [10de:0547] (rev a2)
Subsystem: Hewlett-Packard Company Unknown device [103c:30cf]
Flags: bus master, 66MHz, fast devsel, latency 0
Capabilities: <access denied>
And the output of dmesg as below:
firmware (version 4).
b43-phy0: Broadcom 4311 WLAN found
b43-phy0 debug: Found PHY: Analog 4, Type 2, Revision 9
b43-phy0 debug: Found Radio: Manuf 0x17F, Version 0x2050, Revision 2
input: b43-phy0 as /devices/virtual/input/input10
b43-phy0 ERROR: Firmware file "b43/ucode13.fw" not found or load failed.
b43-phy0 ERROR: You must go to and download the latest
May be i am not having right devicefirmware to support.I am trying to download firmware.
thanks a lot

Larry Finger <Larry Finger lwfinger net> wrote:
Ravi wrote:
> Hi,
> I have installed fedora 9 on my laptop recently and I wanted to enable
> WiFi using Network manager.
> Lan interface : Broadcom 802.11a/b/g WLAN
> Please help me how can I get this done.

Please tell us more. From a terminal, issue the command '/sbin/lspci
-nnv', find the first two lines of the output that describe your
wireless, and post them. Note: I'm not certain that lspci is in /sbin.
If you get a "command not found", become root and issue the command
'lspci -nnv'.

Second, issue the command 'dmesg | grep b43' and post the results.


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