Recent NM API changes


Two API changes recently...

1) The OpenVPN plugin has had some key name changes:

proto -> proto-tcp
dev -> tap-dev
shared-key -> static-key
shared-key-direction -> static-key-direction

2) The vpn-properties setting was merged with the vpn setting.  The vpn
setting's 'data' member (analogous to the vpn-properties setting's
'data' member) is type "a{ss}", i.e. all VPN-service-specific property
values are now strings, instead of variants.  This change was made to
allow system settings plugins that cannot easily represent typed data to
save out vpn specific properties.  In reality, most properties for the
openvpn, pptp, and vpnc plugins were already strings.  Since the VPN
plugins already needed to know what type the value was, it's quite easy
for them to handle the conversion.

3) In libnm-util, the NMSettingVPNProperties class has been removed, as
it was merged with NMSettingVPN as described above.

I've updated the gnome applet to convert the VPN settings to the new


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