NetworkManager IPv4 routes API changes


To accommodate custom routes, I've made the following changes to the
D-Bus API for the IPv4 setting:

- There is a new 'ignore-auto-routes' (BOOL) item that when set will
ignore routes returned from DHCP or VPN servers
- The 'ignore-dhcp-dns' item has been renamed 'ignore-auto-dns'
- The 'routes' item is now an array of 4-member uint32 tuples; the new
4th member is 'metric'
- The IP4Config object exported by each Device object while the device
is active has a new 'routes' member that follows the same format as the
'routes' member of the IP4Config setting

Also, the 'vpn' setting's 'routes' member was removed, since that member
is superceded by the ipv4 'routes' member.

These should be the last major planned D-Bus API changes for 0.7.


[the libnm-glib libnm-util C APIs have also been updated to reflect
these changes]

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