Re: modifying resolv.conf with NetworkManager while connecting to openVPN

Ryan Novosielski wrote:
Check to see if you have resolvconf installed. If you do, it is probably preventing the behavior you want. Try removing it and NetworkManager should do this for you instead.
It should if your OpenVPN server has
   push "dhcp-option DNS x.x.x.x"
Just as a warning, I'm not sure what resolvconf was providing that I don't get now -- on my system, it seems like nothing. YMMV.

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On Sun, 06 Apr 2008 18:31:54 +0200 "Edke" <edke kraken gmail com> wrote:
Hello guys.

I have NetworkManager set up on my openSuSE 10.3 with DHCP behind my
aDSL router. I'm connecting to office network via openVPN and I need
to use our office DNS server while connected with openVPN.

I'm just wondering, if it's possible to create some scripts for
NetworkManager, that would modify my resolv.conf on openVPN connect
and change my DNS settings and after disconnecting to revert my
settings to previous configuration.

Thanks for any info.


s pozdravom do zatvy Edke

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