disconnects because of "assertion `dev != NULL' failed"


I'm using NM/nm-applet 0.6.6 and I'm very frequently encountering the
problem, that when I manually activate a connection via nm-applet,
(wireless, wpa secured connection) right after it has established the
 connection, it is dropped again. NM logs a message like this:

[network selected in nm-applet, NM establishing the connection]
2008-04-04T10:21:36.580197+02:00 pluto NetworkManager: <info>  Activation (wlan0) Finish handler scheduled.
2008-04-04T10:21:36.580346+02:00 pluto NetworkManager: <info>  Activation (wlan0) Stage 5 of 5 (IP Configure Commit) complete.
2008-04-04T10:21:36.721959+02:00 pluto NetworkManager: <debug> [1207297296.721629] nm_dbus_signal_filter(): NetworkManagerInfo triggered update of
wireless network 'wgrouter'
[Connection is established]
2008-04-04T10:21:36.723000+02:00 pluto NetworkManager: <info>  SWITCH: terminating current connection 'wlan0' because it's no longer valid.
2008-04-04T10:21:36.723018+02:00 pluto NetworkManager: <info>  Deactivating device wlan0.
2008-04-04T10:21:37.824829+02:00 pluto NetworkManager: nm_device_is_802_3_ethernet: assertion `dev != NULL' failed
2008-04-04T10:21:37.824975+02:00 pluto NetworkManager: nm_device_is_802_11_wireless: assertion `dev != NULL' failed
2008-04-04T10:21:52.680002+02:00 pluto NetworkManager: <debug> [1207297312.679612] nm_device_802_11_wireless_get_activation_ap(): Forcing AP 'wgrouter'
2008-04-04T10:21:52.680038+02:00 pluto NetworkManager: <info>  User Switch: /org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/Devices/wlan0 / wgrouter
2008-04-04T10:21:52.680055+02:00 pluto NetworkManager: <info>  Deactivating device wlan0.
[Connection is dropped again]

If I try again, NM usually manages to successfully establish a connection
on the seconnd attempt.
Is this a known problem? Any advice how I can get this fixed/debugged?

This problem is very annoying so I'd be thankfull for every help.


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