Re: ath5k and network manager

[CCing networkmanager mailing list]
Michael Buesch wrote:
> On Thursday 20 September 2007, Luis R. Rodriguez wrote:
>> On 9/20/07, Stephen Hemminger <shemminger-de/tnXTf+JLsfHDXvbKv3WD2FQJk+8+b public gmane org> wrote:
>>> Network manager doesn't seem to detect ath5k. Perhaps it is because
>>> it is name "ath0".  I think device should follow the convention of using
>>> name "wifi0" rather than BSD convention of putting driver name in device name.
>> I couldn't agree anymore. But my ath5k kicks out a wlan%d name as with
>> any other mac80211 driver. Is yours coming out to ath%d ?
> Probably udev renames it.
IMHO, NetworkManager should cope with whatever name is assigned to a device.
AFAIK, device names are only "suggestions" by the drivers; the user may
rename the device name (either by "ip link set name", with ifrename or
with udev rules) to his liking, e.g. home.

Granted, seems a bit of an overkill to rename a device on a machine
where NetworkManager is in charge of the device but still, there is no
reason why it shouldn't be allowed.


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