Documentation of createWirelessNetwork

This is information I've found by reading the source code. It REALLY
sucks that there's no documentation wiki for me to put this in...

The parameters are as follows:

   1. Wireless Device Object Path
   2. ESSID
   3. Security word, which has the following options:

    * IW_AUTH_CIPHER_NONE; no additional parameters are required.
    * IW_AUTH_CIPHER_WEP40, IW_AUTH_CIPHER_WEP104; additional
parameters handled by nm_ap_security_wep_new_deserialize
IW_AUTH_CIPHER_CCMP; additional parameters handled by
    * NM_AUTH_TYPE_WPA_EAP; additional parameters are handled by
nm_ap_security_wpa_eap_new_deserialize (iter)

Note that the security word must be EXACTLY one of those (it is not
AND-ed against, but compared directly)

For WEP encryptions the additional parameters are:
    4. Key (string)
    5. Authentication algorithm, which is either

For non-EAP WPA encryptions, the additional parameters are:
    4. Key (string)
    5. WPA version, which is either IW_AUTH_WPA_VERSION_WPA or
    6. Key Management, which is either IW_AUTH_KEY_MGMT_802_1X or

I haven't documented the EAP parameters.

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