Re: Request for ergonomy feature

Ok, but it is just a pain in the *ss this bug, and everybody complains.

Please, rather than saying "I disagree", maybe propose an alternative, because it is really annoying bug.

Thanks in advance

Dan Williams wrote:
On Thu, 2007-10-11 at 17:20 +0300, Joan B. Moreau wrote:
I know this has been posted and discussed already, but this bug is *so* annoying, that I guess I am not the only "simple user" having troubles with that.

Would it be possible to fix it ?

I still don't agree that this is the right way to solve the issue.


Thanks a lot


Joan B. Moreau wrote:
Hi all,

I like the applet but here my request in terms of ergonomy:

Would it be possible to stop triggering a scan when clicking on the
applet (which people do quite frequently to see the available networks)
but rather put a menu item "scan for available networks" that we can
click when one decide so  ?


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