Re: Subversion NetworkManager not operational (for me).

On Nov 15, 2007 5:10 PM, Fred Clausen <fred derf nl> wrote:

> I have dbus 1.1.1 installed and my wpa_supplicant does support the -u
> flag. However, this still does not explain why the wired tg3 connection
> is not started. If you look at the logs, it even gets a DHCP lease but
> NM does not realise this for some reason.
> Any further suggestions to get wired ethernet working? Then I will work
> on solving the wireless problem.

Do you have a default script line in /etc/dhclient.conf? Something like:

script "/sbin/dhclient-script";

If so, comment it out. dhclient doesn't let you override configuration
values from command line if they are already defined in the
configuration file - something that NM needs.


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