RE: NetworkManager keeps asking for secret phrase

On Sat, 2007-11-10 at 14:48 +0200, Firas Swidan, PhD wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am trying to connect to my WAP wireless network and NetworkManager
>> keeps asking for the secret phrase without connecting. Is there
>> specific that I need to do to stop this and make the connection?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Firas.

>There is some  confusion here. I suspect you mean WEP. If it is asking
you >for a 
>secret phrase it means is is not open to anyone who connects. You need
>to know the (usually 40 bit or 104 bit) string that was set up on the
>AP. Note that 104 bits is 13 ASCII characters.

Isn't it the case that the key for WEP or WPA is stored in the PAM
keyring if you have PAM installed?  I run Ubuntu (Gnome) so PAM is
already installed, but if you run another distro/desktop and PAM isn't
installed or configured then maybe it's not storing the WEP key?  Once
stored in PAM, then you only get asked for the PAM passphrase, but in
the version of PAM supplied in Ubuntu 7.10 there is a checkbox in the
passphrase dialog to always remember the PAM passphrase.


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