Re: nm-openswan - update

Quoting steve hillier <keyhman gmail com>:

> So, first you need to get nm
> "aware" of the nm-openswan vpn service (see above).

Being a Debian GNU/Linux developer, the first thing I did (after trying
it 'your way' :) was to create a .deb package. All this works perfect.
Got network manager to see the new service etc...

> You'll know it's
> working, when you can add the "IPsec" type of vpn connection through
> the vpn manager interface. Selecting this will start a wizard which
> eventually calls out to my shared library to configure the connection
> details.

This is where it breaks. SOMETIMES (especially if I'm running with
strace or gdb), i can briefly see a window pop up. But this is where
it segfaults...

> If you're debugging the shared library, it's at this point,
> you're debugger will go active (when nm tries to load my library and
> call the factory method to instantiate the configuration window). This
> is where the library tries to build a GUI and crashes.


> I Just recently I realized that I may be creating my config window
> entirely wrong. I'm buidling a top-level window when I should be
> adding elements to the wizard window (I think).

Seems resonable, because nm say:

(nm-vpn-properties:20827): Gtk-WARNING **: Can't set a parent on a toplevel widget

Unfortunatly, gdb doesn't catch the segfault so I can't get a back
trace... And I can't get anjuta to recognize the project.

And I'm as green as you when it comes to coding GUI's with GTK...

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