NetworkManager not automatically connecting....

So, I recently changed my Debian box from ifplugd/wpa_supplicant to using NetworkManager.

I commented out everything except the "lo" interface in /etc/network/interfaces, and I disabled autoloading of ifplugd by renaming /etc/init.d/ifplugd to "" and did the same for wpa_supplicant.

Now, in KDE, using knetworkmanager, I get a few strange symptoms:
- I can click on the icon in the kicker and manually connect to wireless AP's (it even remembers my WPA key from last time), but it doesn't just automatically connect like its supposed to. I always have to connect manually with mouse clicks. - After resuming at a different location from a suspend-to-disk or suspend-to-ram (for example, resuming at home after suspending at work), NW doesn't switch to my home network (even though it's in my list of trusted AP's). The tray icon indicates that I'm connected. - Furthermore, right-clicking on knetworkmanager still shows the AP at work... with an appreciable signal strength indicated.... which certainly isn't right. - Then, when I manually select my home network, NM configures and gets and IP and everything is great.... for about 15 seconds... and then the connection vanishes. (At this point, the tray icon indicates that I'm NOT connected). At this point, if I manually connect to my home net again, *this* time, it sticks.

I posted to the Debian-Laptop list, and someone on there indicated that they're getting this same behavior even from the Gnome NM tool... so I don't think it's a problem with KDE. It appears that NM isn't getting properly notified by the system about changes to wireless environment. I haven't tested to see if plugging a wired cable in will automatically config.

Anybody have any ideas?

- Joe

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