Re: Plans for ppp and ippp

On Tue, 2007-11-06 at 22:11 +0100, Hans-Gerd van Schelve wrote:
> Hello List.
> We have a large Linux Desktop Setup with 6300 mobile Systems. What are the
> projects plans for better support of (i)ppp dialups in NM?
> At the moment there are only options available that allows to dialup or hangup a
> (i)ppp connection. But there is no feedback for the
> user at the moment. So if something goes wrong during dialup or hangup the user
> get's no feedback.
> We plan to use internal WWAN modules in our new Laptops, but also want to be
> able to use a bluetooth phone for dialup. What we are missing
> is a userfriendly handling for that.

What version of NM are you planning on deploying?  I'd rather not keep
piling hacks on the dialup stuff in 0.6.x, and with 0.7 better
integrated PPP support is the next item on the list, and something that
I'm pretty sure Tambet and I will start on in the next few weeks.  I
don't think there will be much ABI/API breakage from dialup devices, if
any, so if you deployed 0.7 now you'd get the better PPP support in the
near future without much problem.


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