Re: BUG: NM only connects the third time

Hi Eric,

Am Donnerstag, 1. November 2007 11:16:12 schrieb Eric Brunet lps ens fr:
> Hi,
> On my laptop, when I boot and login, I have no connection.
> I click on knetworkmanager's icon to select my wifi access point, I have
> the progress bar going up to 100% and the "signal strength" staircase
> icon appears. Looks good, but I don't actually have a connexion: after 4
> or 5 seconds the icon updates back to "no connexion".
> I click again on knetworkmanager's icon, and this time it works properly
> and I have my connexion.
> It looks that NM is able to communicate with knetworkmanager on boot, since
> it retrieves the correct AP name, but requesting the key makes an error.
> However, on the second try, it already has the key and doesn't issue a
> request, as if it managed to get it on the first try anyway. Weird. Why it
> fails on the second try is also mysterious. The dhcp server gives a lease
> of -1, meaning infinity. Maybe NM takes it litteraly, establishes the
> connection, realizes it is expired one second ago, and shut it down ? I
> don't know.
> Two other random pieces of information: knetworkmanager is configured to
> store the keys unencrypted in the config file rather than in kwallet. My
> log is full of the following message:
>   <info>  Error getting killswitch power:
> org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.KillSwitch.NotSupported - Access type not
> supported which appears, approximatively, every 6 seconds.

That's NetworkManager itself. Dan, Tambet?

> I have found on
> that there exists a version 0.2.1 of knetworkmanager with, in the
> changelog:

KNM 0.2.1 is not yet officially released.

>    Avoid a race on the DBus which sometimes prevents connection to wireless
> networks but, I haven't been able to find a .rpm or a .tar.gz of that
> version. Should I try to install, understand and use the svn tools to
> recover that version ? Would it fix one or both of my problems ?

Your connection-problem will be most likely fixed in KNM 0.2.1.


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