NM asks for WPA password that was already stored

I am using NM 6.4 as is shipped in Ubuntu 7.04 - if I need to upgrade to the latest CVS solve this, just say and I will do so.

The issue I am facing is this: There are two SSIDs I can connect to in my school:

1) is WPA (WPA-enterprise) protected, however, it is possible to connect to it using NM manager after filling in my login data. 2) is unprotected and uses some kind of web authentication, works like a breeze with NM.

The problem is, that 1) is more userfirendly (and secure as well, I think) since I do not need to fill any password after NM creates a connection - and that is the reason I would like to use it. However, NM succesfully creates a connection only after I log in to my system (as it tries to connect to the network I was connected to last time). When it for some reason (like bad signal) fails, NM falls back to 2), but when I try t make connect to 1) (via the nm-applet), it asks me for a password - but I have already filled that in!

Is it supposed to behave like this or is this no longer present in current CVS?

If any additional info is needed, just ask, I will be happy to provide it.

Tomas Hnyk

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