Re: different icons if internet is available

I've implemented the most code, except the function that decides if internet is available or not.
In fact I'm thinking of this problem.
an isolated network access cannot of course reach the most internet locations

we could discuss on this... for instance in might be:
internet on if and are reachable
otherwise internet off.

Of course it is not a complete solution, it is only a try.

I'm trying to think of how this is implemented in the new windows vista

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Inviato: Venerdì 18 maggio 2007, 12:14:51
Oggetto: Re: different icons if internet is available

On Thu, 2007-05-17 at 20:12 +0000, yelo_3 wrote:
> Hello, just a proposal: it would be great that NM-applet icon could
> add a small world,located in a corner, if internet is reachable,
> checked every N minutes...
> what do you think? it is not hard to implement it, am I right?

Not hard? Well, the first thing is, what do you actually mean by
"internet is reachable"? What's the difference between an isolated local
network, and one with what a person might call 'internet access'?


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