Re: dialup weirdness

On Fri, 2007-05-11 at 11:41 +0200, Roberto Scelzo wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-05-09 at 17:27 +0530, Ritesh Khadgaray wrote:
> > This is a known issue, and marked for nm 0.7 . afaik.
> > 
> > One part of this bug :(
> >
> > 
> Ok, thank you for that information.
> I was trying to compile by myself an updated package of
> nm from cvs for my ubuntu feisty but I wasn't able to
> retrieve from the cvs as explained on the developer page;

gnome has switched to svn.

> can you point me to the correct cvs server?

> Btw I've found here
> a prepackaged nm07 which I've just installed and now I've
> got nm informing other apps that a "modem connection" is up,
> even if the applet keeps on stay in "disconnected mode"...
> and for sure that's better than before :-) (at least I can
> use gaim/firefox/etc... while I'm on dialup)

Would you please update bugzilla #348330

Doe nm-tool list ppp0 connection ?

	$ nm-tool

> I've also noticed that the previous version (0.6.x) was
> able to show the exact name of the ppp connection as in
> my /etc/network/interfaces while now (0.7) it shows a generic
> "modem connection"...

Probably a bug report ?

> Regards
> Roberto
Ritesh Khadgaray
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