Re: WPA connection/reconnection timeouts

On 06.05.2007, 21:50 -0400 Dan Williams wrote these lines:

> > The patch allows setting the timeout at runtime via nm-tool. Unfortunately 
> > it seems to have gone totally unnoticed by now, despite the fact that the 
> > bug appears to be linked to upstream (
> It's not unnoticed, it's just the wrong fix for the problem and
> therefore won't get upstream into NetworkManager.

Your exceptionally kindly phrased refusal is surpassed only by its
wealth of explanation. Thank you!
But with regard to how much time this took, I probably should feel
honored to finally have gotten some feedback at all.

Please share with me your wisdom on what makes the patch not preferable
to the current fixed-value non-solution and how it could be done better
so I might be able to achieve your blessing eventually.

humbly yours,

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