Re: WPA connection/reconnection timeouts

could not this be added viewed as an advanced configuration option, rather than a fix(which it is not).

Dan Williams wrote:
On Sun, 2007-05-06 at 14:22 +0200, Fionn Behrens wrote:
Andrew Baumann wrote:

I've rebuilt with limits of 40s and 30s respectively, and this works well for me (no more failed connections or dropouts). I can see why you might be hesitant to increase these timeouts by default, but can I suggest that they be set in a configuration file?
I have created a patch for this, which is attached to launchpad where this problem has been filed for months:

The patch allows setting the timeout at runtime via nm-tool. Unfortunately it seems to have gone totally unnoticed by now, despite the fact that the bug appears to be linked to upstream (

It's not unnoticed, it's just the wrong fix for the problem and
therefore won't get upstream into NetworkManager.


There are also a couple of other stupid hard coded values in NM that should be configurable IMHO but I didn't have time to tackle them yet.

kind regards,

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