NetworkManager does not see my wired connection.

Package: network-manager
Version: 0.6.4-6ubuntu7 on Ubuntu 7.04

First of all, good morning and thanks a lot for Your great work on
this software: it's really a huge improvement over traditional
networks managing.

I have a PC without any wireless connection and I simply use an
ethernet one (ISA card). NetworkManager doesn't detect my network
card, which is working through the "ne" kernel module.

So, I have a working connection if I configure it through
/network/interfaces but, when I enable "roaming mode", NetworkManager
manage doesn't see any network device (and so it says that I'm not
connected) and my connection stops working. This behaviour generates
other problems with programs like Gaim and Evolution: they believe to
be disconnected until I explicitly tell them they are not.

Please refer to this confirmed bug for more details and info on
/network/interfaces configuration, lshal output and so on:

What's the problem?

I'm available for every kind of further explanation.

Thanks for Your attention,


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