Re: nm-applet do not show my wireless

Alejandro Adam wrote:

Thanks for the quick answer. Here I'm trying to answer your questions. I
couldn't find anything wrong with the wireless configuration (it works,
in fact). But the applet still does not see it.
The applet is the stable deb package

valhalla:/home/alejandro# nm-applet --version
Gnome nm-applet 0.6.4

The kernel version is 2.6.18-4-686. It is the latest stable deb package
also. I didn't compile it by myself. For the module, at the bottom I
pasted a portion of /var/log/syslog in case is useful.

I'm not sure that 2.6.18 reports wireless statistics anywhere near correctly. I do know that the performance is greatly improved in 2.6.21. You should download and build a later version, or get my standalone package from

Your firmware is OK - it is the latest version that can be used with bcm43xx.


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