Re: Selecting among multiple WAPs with the same SSID (again)

In general sites shouldn't use the same ESSID for b and b/g APs.
They MAY for b/g vs. a (as those are truly different networks),
but b and g are effectively the same.  You should talk to your
provider and complain to them.  Or at least I would.

My personal opinion is that NM should  have a setting (by ESSID)
about whether to autoroam or not.  If autoroam is on then NM should
automatically roam across all BSSIDs in an ESSID using 802.11 handoff.
It should let you choose the ESSID based on the 802.11 type (a or b/g).
If autoroam is off then it should let you choose the BSSID and it will
stay there until you go out of range or manually disconnect.

I don't know if this is how they plan to do it, but this is how I imagine
it SHOULD work.


Quoting Matthew Saltzman <mjs ces clemson edu>:

Here's a use case that I don't recall having been considered in previous
discussions of this issue.

I am sitting in an area where there are several WAPs with the same ESSID.
The WAPs have different capabilities--some are 802.11b, and some are bg.
I seem to have connected initially to one of the 11b ones, and there seems
to be nothing I can do to switch to one of the bg ones.

If it's not feasible to give the user a choice of BSSIDs, would it be
possible to have the connection algorithm give some preference to the
more capable AP, and/or to re-evaluate which of several BSSIDs to choose
when making connection decisions?

		Matthew Saltzman

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