Re: Weird nm-applet behavior.

Denis Leroy wrote:
Aaron Konstam wrote:
What is described below has happened to me at least twice. I asked about
it on this list and got no real assistance. Can anyone guess why this
would happen? The person who posted below was using FC6 and I was was
using FC5 if that is important.
2/ NetworkManager has started to claim that it has successfully
connected to a wired network. This is weird as the computer isn't
connected to a wired network. All network access is through a PCI
wireless card. Still works fine. It just thinks it's the wrong kind of

Ran into a similar issue a few times a well, on FC6. Wifi is a Atheros-based PCI card.

This also happens using the Netgear MA CF card from my PDA (in a PCMCIA carrier adapter). It works, but nm thinks it's eth1 not ath0.


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