Re: Scannning

>> 1) why can't nm do the scan in the time between the user clicks and the menu is popped?
>Because scans take a non-trival amount of time on many cards.  You
>simply cannot block the menu being popped down for 3 or 5 seconds while
>a scan is taking place.

If you can't update the list while it is shown (as a gtk limitation) you can change the icon in a scaning one, so the user will understand why it waits for 5 seconds. (5 seconds? are you sure? I have ipw2200 and the scan through iwlist lasts in mess than half second)
I really think that a user prefers to wait for some seconds and have a coherent list. What is the sense of an old list?
Tell me what you think about it

>> 2) so if I do "while echo 0; do iwlist eth1 scan; done" it is a dos, so nm should not interest on dos...
>Yes, but you have root and can shoot yourself in the foot with it.
>People using NM don't necessarily have root.

I don't need root to do iwlist eth1 scan

>> 3) if you really want to consider dos, you can trigger a N-secons timeout after the first scan
>That's the plan.  NM scans periodically, but when you drop the applet
>down, NM will do a scan.  If you click again, another scan will be
>scheduled for 10 or 20 seconds from that point.

ok it is good.


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