Re: Scannning

> Here's how scanning is scheduled:

> When the nm-applet's devices menu is expanded, NetworkManager schedules a scan to start in 20 seconds. If the menu is deactivated and activated again within that 20 seconds, NM re-schedules the scan after another 20 seconds.

I've tried to do so: boot with wireless off, login, wireless activation, click on the applet, 30 seconds of wait, another click on the applet. The result is empty, so there is a problem in this way...

Anyway I didn't really understand why it is scheduled and why can't be done immediately

> There are multiple problems when trying to "fix" this behavior:

> * Scanning disables all other operations on card so network doesn't work at that time.
> We need to protect NM from malicious users who can write a shell script

All right, I didn't know it
I'm sure the user can do a script which does "iwlist eth1 scan", so this is not a nm problem
oh, and if I do "iwlist eth1 scan" my network does not go down...
So how is scan implemented in nm?

> * The devices menu is a GtkMenu widget which means the changes made to the menu (adding/removing menu items) while it's expanded doesn't change it's appearance until it's shown next time.

Isn't there a redraw function? I know that C APIs are very sad, but I hope there is one!


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