Re: feedback on attempting to build network-manager from Subversion

Dan Williams wrote:
> You should not be using 'madwifi' at all.  It's quite old, and has been
> succeeded by madwifi-ng.

I got a different impression from reading the NetworkManager page on
recommended hardware which states:

"Old 'madwifi' driver supports unencrypted, WEP, WPA, and WPA2. Newer
'madwifi-ng' driver should also work for all network types, but has
recently been quite unstable."

I read that to say "madwifi supports everything I need and is more
stable, and therefore, preferred".

Has this part of the page become out of date?

>> However, the fact that the problem doesn't come up using the standard
>> Ubuntu/Gnome networking tools points back to a NetworkManager issue.
> Only as a side-effect.  You can likely get the same effect if you
> periodicially run scans from the command-line without NetworkManager
> running.  It happens that NetworkManager exercises different paths in
> the driver that static command-line tools do not exercise, but that
> should work all the same.  If they do not, it's a driver bug.

Thanks for the clarification.


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