Re: network-manager-applet release

Am Montag, den 12.03.2007, 19:34 -0700 schrieb Elijah Newren:
> it'd be great to have a tarball release.  In fact, nm-applet can't be
> included in the GNOME release without having a tarball release to
> include.  I'm very tempted to just request that nm-applet be
> re-proposed for inclusion in 2.20, but maybe if we get a tarball
> quickly...

whouah, still no release? this makes me pretty pissed.

this is exactly the maintainer behaviour that would let me vote for "no"
if nm-applet would be proposed again for inclusion into gnome:
"Module owners should show they can hit release deadlines" - oh yeah.


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On Fri, 2007-03-02 at 22:38 +0100, Vincent Untz wrote:
> (cc'ing the NM list)
> Le vendredi 02 mars 2007, à 21:54, Jaap Haitsma a écrit :
> > Something I noticed.
> > 
> > The latest release of network manager (applet) is 0.6.4 which is
> > already something like 9 months. AFAIK there has not been a release
> > since. Is there going to be a release for 2.18?
> Hi,
> I (and possibly Andre) have pinged NetworkManager people about this.
> It's definitely important to have a release for 2.18.0. (It would have
> been great to have a release for the RC too...)

Yeah; I'll get an applet 0.6.5 release done this week.


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