Re: applet and wireless scan

> "quality" is a subjective value that usually includes things like TX
> retries, decryption errors, and other connection information in addition
> to signal strength.  You can have a fairly high signal-to-noise ratio
> but still have an overloaded radio channel with lots of collisions,
> which means your transfer rates and latencies will be a lot worse than a
> less-heavily loaded channel with a lower SNR.

so why does the applet refer to quality (which is a subjective value as you told me) and nothing else? I'm thinking of an unexperienced user that sees the bar at 30%, but doesn't get his connection up... He would surely think that nm is not a good product... Moreover no messages are shown to tell him that the noise is too heavy to bring the connection up

> I'd like to avoid cramming too much functionality into the applet
> itself.  NM exports a D-Bus API that any program can use to query and
> set network status.  More specific uses should probably have separate
> tools to do what they want rather than extending the applet.

But in this way the user always sees old scan results! the ones from the previous click! I really think that this is an issue... I would prefer for instance that when I click a 5-10 seconds scan is done before popping up the list with a "scanning" libnotify message with timeout, to inform the user that those seconds are not wasted.

Anyway again. In my nm the scan is not done when I click on the applet, the only way to have updated results is to wait for that too long 2 minutes!
I'm using ubuntu feisty, network-manager 0.6.4

Thank you Dan.


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