Re: applet and wireless scan

> We can possibly tweak this, since drivers are better these days than
> they used to be.  The 6 minute interval was chosen a fairly long time
> ago.


> Scanned signal strength reported from drivers is still not reliable, but
> is getting a lot better.  NM cannot rely on signal strength for doing
> stuff like switching access points or roaming yet.
> Drivers should report signal _quality_ in a 0 - 100% range, they are
> free to do whatever they wish with the RSSI/dBm.

I'm not sure I did understand: nm uses "signal quality" (the one reported in 0/100) because "signal level" is not accurate. But, which is the difference from quality and level? and why with a signal quality of 27/100 and a signal level of -83dB my connection can't be established? I mean, 27% is not a low value... What a user is expecting is that he can connect to it, but the speed will not be hi! instead I was _never_ able to connect to an AP with level lower than -80dB...

Regarding the applet scan results I did some tests. I did a boot with wireless disabled, than a login, then I enabled wireless and clicked over the applet. I had to wait 1 minute and a half at least, to show the results! definitely not 10 seconds as I should expect.

And if the list is open the results found are not shown (I need to close and open the list again). Maybe this is hard to implement but it is a great feature :D

- Nicolò


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