Cannot connect to a Hidden SSID in 0.6.4

I'm using NetworkManager 0.6.4 in Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn.

In Edgy, using NetworkManager 0.6.3, I was able to connect to
my wireless network, which has a hidden SSID, by clicking on
"Connect to other network..." and typing in the SSID.  My network
uses MAC address filtering, and no encryption.

In Feisty, and NM 0.6.4, my SSID appears in the dropdown list of
available wireless networks after having tried to connect to it a
few times, just as it appeared in 0.6.3.  However, whether I click
on the network from the list, or connect to it by manually typing
in the SSID, NM will not connect to it.  I'll get the little "connecting"
animation, but neither of the two dots will ever light up, and
eventually, it will time out, and go back to saying that it is not
connected to any network.

I was able to use NM 0.6.4 to connect to my neighbor's unsecured
wireless network, and I was also able to use Gnome's built-in
network configuration utility to connect to my hidden SSID network.
Normally, this wouldn't be a big deal, and I'd just connect that way
except that it doesn't always work, I have to go disable the card and
reboot to get NM to scan for networks again, and some apps in Feisty,
such as Gaim, connect to NetworkManager over dbus and won't sign
in if NM doesn't report a connection.

My router is an Apple Airport Express, and my wireless card is an
Atheros 11g card using the madwifi driver included in Feisty.

I'd really like to get this sorted out, so any help is appreciated.



Zach Tibbitts - zach collegegeek org

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