Re: Which PCMCIA card currently works best with NM and WPA?


Thanks for the response and the advice.

This is for personal use and not any kind of distribution so I have no problem with fwcutter and such, as long as all the necessary pieces are freely available on line. I just don't like to use M$ drivers or somebody's obscure bootleg driver from a website in the netherworld.

What I'm really looking for is a card that will give me the least problems with NM even if it may not be the top rated for signal strength etc. Within reason of course. I don't want constant disconnects.

I really have a need for the functionality that NM is intending to provide and would like to get started with the current release on the laptop. It's a gentoo box so I can configure whatever is necessary fairly easily. I am expecting some problems with KDE though since NM is so gnome-centric at the present time, especially on gentoo. As long as I get a card that is familiar to the contributers to the NM mailing list, with a little help I should be able to get through it.

Cheap is always good too.


Darren Albers wrote:
This list has some information specific to chipsets:

Personally, I have had great experience with Intel based Chipsets
however they are not available (that I am aware of) as a pccard.

One of my work laptops has an Atheros chipset and it works ok outside
of the problems with signal strength and disconnects.  I would not say
that the driver is completely Open-Source since it has a closed-source

The Broadcom driver has come a long way, but I /think/ it requires
fwcutter to extract non-open firmware so you may not consider it to be
completely open source as well.

If you can find one of the older Prism54 Fullmac cards it would be
your best bet since the driver is completely open source.


On 3/1/07, Rod <rod erinktech fuse net> wrote:
Linux x86
Open drivers only. No ndiswrapper please.
Reasonably priced even better.
Any suggestions?

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