problems getting networkmanager running under zenwalk-4.6

Hi There,
ich installed networkmanager-0.6.5 from source on my system.
The problem is that I see with nm-applet the availiable networks but can not connect to them.

That s waht cat /var/log/syslog gives me out:

Jun 12 20:56:17 (none) NetworkManager: ^I/usr/sbin/NetworkManager [0x8053991] Jun 12 20:56:52 (none) NetworkManager: <WARN> real_act_stage2_config(): Activation (eth1/wireless): couldn't connect to the supplicant.

So has anybody of you a idea by what this can be caused? wpa_Supplicant is installed!

I have     dhcp-3.0.5
and         hal-


Thanks in advance thorsten

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