Re: NetworkManager/NetworkManagerInfo DBUS spec anywhere?

On Mon, 2007-07-30 at 11:17 -0400, Philip A. Culver wrote:
> Hello,
> I am developing an interface to NetworkManager using dbus-java and I
> haven’t been able to find a specification anywhere for NetworkManager
> or NetworkManagerInfo’s DBUS interface.   I have figured out most of
> what I need for NetworkManager from the source code but the
> createWirelessNetwork method is giving me trouble, there seems to be a
> lot of variations on what parameters to expect.  I was hoping a
> specification exists somewhere, it would significantly speed up my
> development process.

Not really :(  It's going to change in a way that's nicely specified in
0.7 though, but that doesn't help you now.  What you're likely running
into is the badly designed (I admit it) wireless security option bits of
the D-Bus API for NM.  When creating a wireless network, you need to
pass the security info to NM.  It's fairly linux specific and the # and
type of the options passed depend on the first option (we_cipher).  The
code is probably your best guide here.


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