Peter Davoust wrote:
I just wanted to see if anyone got my e-mail about PEAP support with
NetworkManager. I sent it a few days ago, but got no response and I
wanted to check if I was signed up for this list. My question was
about how to enable PEAP/wpa enterprise support in NetworkManager.
I've tried recompiling both NetworkManager and nm-applet, but to no
avail. I have not yet tried connecting to a PEAP network with my
current distro (RHEL 5), but I'd really like to know how to enable it
so that I can use other distros in the future, or in case it doesn't
work on this distro. For the sake of my sanity, could someone please
respond to this e-mail even if they don't know the answer, just to let
me know if you get this.


If you choose "Connect to other wireless network..." from the applet menu - does it display any of the WPA options? Running nm-tool should also show what WPA options NM thinks the card supports.

I believe NM gets this information from the drivers - so it could be an issue there. What hardware do you have?


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