Re: preserving default route with openvpn

Casey Harkins wrote:
Casey Harkins wrote:
When using NetworkManager-openvpn with the "Only use VPN connection for these addresses option, NetworkManager leaves me with no default route after the VPN connection is established. I would expect the default route to remain unchanged (same as before starting the VPN connection).

I've poked around the code a bit and followed things to nm_system_vpn_device_set_from_ip4_config(), but figured I'd post here before digging too deep into the code (in case its been addressed already).

I searched the mailing list and ChangeLog in trunk prior to sending this, but didn't search gnome bugzilla. This is addressed in the comments of bug #451228 (though probably deserves its own bug).


There was a small discussion on OpenVPN routing a few months ago, I've not seen anything since though..


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