Re: NM stopped 'spinning'

Quoting Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com>:

> Trunk/0.7 aren't quite ready for general use yet.  There are still
> missing pieces that various people are working on.

It worked reasonably good on 2.6.20 (there I had the spinning). The
only problem I noticed, which I noticed on both .20 and .22 is that
I loose the network quite often. And very often it require the key
again (this is true on 0.9.30 to). It's just a matter of requesting
the network again, but ten seconds later, I loose it again (ad finitum).

I couldn't get 0.9.30 to compile on 2.6.22, but that's ok. There
where other problems with that kernel, so I gone back to .20 and
there everything seems stable.

Thanx for the help, much appreciated.

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