Re: Picks up weird numbers

On 6/29/07, Bluejack <bluejack bluejack com> wrote:
On 6/29/07, Darren Albers <dalbers gmail com> wrote:
> What distribution are you running?

Debian / Etch

> Network Manager accepts whatever
> DNS servers your DHCP server gives out are you trying to use some that
> are different than what it gives out?

Well, I have my dhcp server configured to give out the
servers, and that's what my windows machines pick up. However,
NetworkManager is picking up the address of the dhcp server itself and
another nameserver,, which looks like something my isp
would provide (except they suck & it rarely works). I can't figure out
where this is coming from.

So... when I turn *off* dhcp, as mentioned, using
Desktop->Administration->Networking, NetworkManager *still* picks up
these bogus numbers.

Note: the domain it automatically picks up and writes into resolv.conf
(over the settings specified in Desktop->Networking) is
"domain.actdsltmp" which *does* look like something default that would
come out of a dsl modem. However, I can't find any setting for that in
the modem admin, and again, my windows machines are picking up the
right numbers.

I'm entirely prepared to believe the root cause is a garbage dsl
modem, because I already hate the thing, but the interaction between
NetworkManager and the Networking gui is somewhere between obscure and
outright misleading...


I think the problem is that Debian has patched Network Manager to not
manage interfaces that have anything beyond auto set in
/etc/network/interfaces   The Networking application you mention is
the Gnome Panel and has no relation at all to Network Manager, in fact
if you configure anything there it will write it to
/etc/network/interfaces and NM will not manage the interface.

Can you post your /etc/network/interfaces?

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